AfimX (Obsidian Edition) Physical CD Is available to Order Now!

Album contains 20 Tracks.

8 Tracks from previous standard Release, 4 Tracks from Unreleased Japanese Edition/Version,  3 Tracks from Unreleased Europe (Austria/Germany) Edition/Version and another 5 Tracks from B-Sides, Collabs and Remix.


  1. A Street Scene
  2. This Song is Not Available (Re-Title)
  3. In Fear of Fear
  4. Untitled (Alternate Title)
  5. This Song Has No Title
  6. Still Thinking About The Title
  7. Rubycon
  8. AfimX
  9. アッシュ (Ash)
  10. モンスター (Monster)
  11. カーニバル (Carnival)
  12. トワイライト (Twilight)
  13. Das Ende (The End)
  14. Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging (The Day the World Went Down)
  15. Das Uhrwerk (The Clockwork)
  16. Midgard
  17. Inter-Space
  18. Quadrium Sphere
  19. 16th Sequence
  20. Instru-Electro Medley

Label: AnonymityRecords & ARMSMusicRecords (ARMS Music & Sound-Alike Recordings) 

Genre:Dubstep,Drum&Bass,Electro,Electro-Industrial,NuMetal, Electronicore,Instrumental

Released 16 Dec 2018

Distributed by: ARMSMusicRecords LLC/LLP

CD Made in the USA

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