AFMBeats (Re-release) Physical CD Is available to Order Now!
Album contains 20 Tracks.
1.    Never
2.    StereoSync
3.    Far Out
4.    What is That?
5.    Hard Time
6.    Childish
7.    Project Blowed
8.    Hope
9.    Back Home
10.    Avian Dawn
11.    Club Fight
12.    Circumstances
13.    Check This Out!
14.    Offbeat
15.    So Tired
16.    New Beginnings
17.    Beat Beats
18.    Checkin’ Out
19.    Keep it Flowin’
Label: Anonymity Records & Sound-Alike Recordings
Genre: Instrumental, ElectroHop
Released 30 Dec 2018
Distributed by: Anonymity Records
CD Made in the USA
**CDs are limited, only limited quantities available**

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