DistroKid is a service for musicians, Artists, Bands, DJs, Producers and Labels regardless of any sizes (DIY, Indie, Major, Small and Big) that distributes and puts your music into Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and 150+ other online/digital stores & streaming services.

DistroKid was built and is run by an American entrepreneur, Philip Kaplan. Philip (known as "Pud" by the Silicon Valley community) was once on the cover of Inc. and Fast Company magazines for his early 2000s blog F*cked Company. He is a computer programmer who has founded several Internet companies.
Philip founded Adbrite in 2004, Formed ADHD Labs in July 2011 and Currently the founder of Fandalism, which he founded in 2012.
In Addition, He expanded the site (Fandalism) to offer the digital distribution of music, and in early 2013, the service was spun off under the name Distrokid.
To our surprise he's also a kickass Drummer Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJJHk4hSFB4
Link: https://fandalism.com/pud/gEe


Artists, Musicians, Bands and Labels have the benefit to upload as much as they want and get to keep 100% of royalties with only USD19.99 for single account plan for Artist/Musician/Band per year (As for Label Plan, can be expanded up to 100 artists, price may vary)

Bonus features! Distribute cover songs legally · Get paid when other people use your music in YouTube · Unlimited backups · Instant Spotify verified checkmark · Manage your Apple Music page · Get your credits & lyrics into stores · Spotify pre-save · So much more...

Interested in distributing Unlimited songs for one yearly low-price with astounding features, just sign-up and create an account via Distrokid website. 
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